Areas of expertise

Investment advisory in financial markets

areas of expertise

Investment advisory in financial markets


Selection of financial markets


Definition of hedging with derivative products:

Options, accumulators, Forex, etc.


Specialization in the technology sector


Listed and private companies


Distinguishing Elements

Active Strategy:
Buy & Hold

With our strategy, we are able to anticipate the expected return at maturity of each investment from the outset (provided there are no default events from any company in the portfolio). However, in favorable circumstances, we sell, reduce, exchange, or increase existing positions to generate a more efficient portfolio and further limit risk.

Comprehensive Investment Process

Thorough process of searching, analyzing, and monitoring investment opportunities. Using Reuters Eikon terminals, we filter companies by sectors (for which we have specialists as indicated below) and thoroughly analyze their fundamentals to assess their current and future solvency. We have our own selection tool whose reliability is well-established.

Exclusive Access to Sector Specialists

We have a network of sectoral contacts (never insiders) who provide us with commercial, technological, and environmental information about the industry in which we are considering an investment. This network of non-financial specialists, built over several years, is an almost unique characteristic in this sector of activity.

Active Currency Management Methods

Currency position hedging is carried out only when deemed appropriate. In recent years, this strategy has generated significant additional net returns for us.

Análisis de proposiciones bancarias

Progressive introduction of generative Artificial Intelligence in financial investment

Advisory based on proprietary algorithm

Joint accounts

Thorough process of searching, analyzing, and tracking investment opportunities